Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Stash - 05/21/17

I was a little sad to see that Judy at Patchwork Times wasn't going to do Sunday Stash anymore, but I decided that didn't mean I couldn't still report my results. And then I learned that quiltpaintcreate is going to continue the stash report for now, and I am very happy about it!!! This was a productive week, I finished my coin quilt flimsy and my bee block, both which will count in my used column. We had no purchases and both Sharla and I made progress on our #100days100blocks2017 project. And I made my purchase for #MayIsForMakers2017

First up lets see what I made for my 100 days project.  I'm really liking how these blocks look. I'm still using mostly stash fabrics with the exception of what I purchased last week. It is so much fun to pick out the fabrics for each block, and get to use some pretty small scraps. There are some fabrics that will appear in only one block because that was all the fabric I had. My favorite block to date is the middle block on the second row, but I have to say I'm really loving them all.

Sharla is keeping up as well. We've found some fabrics in our stash to add to her selection to give her some more choices. We laugh every time we see her blocks next to mine, because they are so different, but yet the same. Sharla does not sew fast and she was a little concerned about keeping up, but so far she is doing a great job of it.

We have been watching all the blocks on Instagram and are amazed at how different they all are. Some are more traditional fabrics, and some very modern. We were talking last night about how you could do this project again with different fabrics/colors and have it look totally different. I wonder if they will have a 2018 version...mmm something to think about.

For my #MayIsForMakers2017 pattern I chose one I've looked at often since it was released. It is called Bundle Buster by Quilting Jetgirl. I love her patterns, but this one I like because it makes great use of fat quarters with very little waste. I have a ton of bundles, and this one should help me put some of them to good use. Here is the photo from her web site.

Now it is time to see what got done this week. I showed my coin quilt on Friday, and I still have to stay I'm loving it. And I also got my bee block in the mail. It was a fun block to make, but I don't think I will be making a full quilt like it, because my baby dogs wouldn't like it much. They think cats are bad, really really bad.

So let's talk numbers

Fabric Used this Week: 6 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 111  yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 68 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 43 yards used

The numbers are going in the right direction this week, which is a good thing. Sharla and I were rearranging some things yesterday and she noted that even though we've accomplished a lot this year, our stash doesn't seem to be dwindling much. I think we are going to have to work harder and faster to make a dent. I'm hoping to get some work done on the memory quilts this week, but I know I won't get them completed. So unless Sharla finishes her True Colors quilt, this is probably where we will stand for the month. Which isn't a bad place to be. Next weekend is a long weekend and we plan on doing a lot of sewing, but I'm not sure any of it will be able to be reported as completed. Either way we will have fun doing it. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I am linking up with quiltpaintcreate.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Finish - 05/19/17

I'm excited about today's finish because it is the oldest UFO, well that isn't exactly true, I have a couple of tops that are older, but no other UFOs or fabric bundles older than this one. I received a jelly roll for Christmas in 2012 from Tom and Mecca. I knew right away I wanted to make a coin quilt out of it, and so I sewed the strips together, then sub cut those into groups and made the groups into columns and then it sat and sat and sat. I couldn't make up my mind on what to use for the sashing. I thought black, then grey, then white, and then another batik, but just couldn't commit to any of them. Every time I would straighten the sewing room I would find these and think I need to finish that, but then I would go around and around with myself on what color to do for the sashing.

I knew that if I was going to get it done, I needed to put it on my list for this year and it became my May top to complete. Even then I still debated about what color to use for the sashing. I wanted something that would highlight the great colors of the jelly roll, but also blend in some too.

I finally took the strips an laid out on my long arm and then put the Kona Card and Bella Solids card that I have up against them, and finally picked Washed Black by Bella Solids. Then I had to order the fabric, so I started off a little late, but since it was only sashing it went together really quickly.

I finished the quilt on Monday, but the wind was blowing really hard, so no chance to photograph it. Then Sharla was sick, then errands after work and then rain predicted. I tried to snap a couple of photos before the rain came, but the wind was still playing tricks on me.

Every time I fixed one corner another one would curl up, so I gave up and said this is as good as it is going to get. I really love the colors in this and I think it is going to be a nice size lap quilt when I'm done. Since I had already dropped Sharla off at work it was just me against the wind and the wind won.

This is my one monthly goal for May, so yeah I met my goal. I'm still making progress on the #100days100blocks2017 and will show everyone week two block on Sunday. Sharla has battled a bug a couple of times this month, so she she has some work to do, but she is staying current with her 100 blocks too. I will link this up with Elm Street Quilts at the end of the month. And I am linking up with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict,  Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Thank Goodness It's Finshed Friday @ Quilting is More Fun than Housework and Finished or Not Friday @ Busy Hands Quilts. And I'll be back on Sunday to report my numbers for the week and show you our blocks for the week.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Stash - 05/14/17

Well there isn't too much to report this week. No finishes because we've mainly been focusing on the #100Days100Blocks2017. So far we've posted every day on time, which means we've finished 8 blocks as of today. If you've been following along on instagram you've already seen these beauties, but if not here are my blocks so far.

And here are Sharla's blocks to date.

Now I will readily admit I stole/modified someone else's idea on photographing the blocks. I've seen some very cute props photographed with the blocks (I love the doggies best), but my favorite was by @ohsewquirky_nancy who used scrabble tiles to spell out the block number. I really loved that idea, but knew I wouldn't be so fond of it when it got to seventy eight. So I went looking and found some numbered scrabble tiles and they arrived on Friday night. So now our blocks photos are numbered. And as you can see above, I'm using the tile racks to from extra photo fun. I can see these getting a lot of use in the future.

Now for purchases, Sharla and I both needed some solids for this project, not lots, but some. So we went to the local quilt shop on Saturday and picked up some. I added more prints, because they didn't have the solids I needed. Since mine is a scrappy quilt I didn't need to match anything other than did I like it. But we made a pack that we could not purchase more than 10 FQ each and we stuck to it. I picked 10 and Sharla picked 7, here is what we purchased.

Also it is time to show my May Is For Makers 2017 purchase for this week. I chose a pattern that I've had pinned for a long time. I loved it from the first time I saw it, but kept putting off purchasing it because I didn't have the perfect fabric for it. I still don't have the perfect fabric, but I don't care, I'm bought it anyway. It is call Bubble Bath by My Quilt Infatuation. I love her patterns, in fact I bought one last year in May too.

So now it is time to talk numbers, and the numbers are creeping the wrong way, but I did make some progress on my coin quilt, and I'm hoping to have the top done by next week, which will help the number go back in the right direction.

Fabric Used this Week: 0 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 105  yards
Fabric Added this Week: 4 1/4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 68 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 37 yards used

I'm not thrilled with those number, but I'm not too mad either. Hopefully they will start creeping the in the other direction again soon. For today I'm going to link up with  Judy at Patchwork Times - Sunday Stash and Sunday Stash #224 with Molli Sparkles. And then I'm going to get busy sewing and see if I can change the direction of these numbers.